Program Outcomes result in:
  • Continuum of care to better provide inter-generational services
  • Service collaboration with community partners
  • Interventions that reduce adult and youth substance use/abuse
  • Identifying, building and utilizing protective factors
  • Educating and understanding the perception of risk and harm

Substance dependency favors no demographic and affects people from all walks of life. We offer a continuum of programs designed to meet the needs of people at all stages of life.

Challenging College Alcohol Abuse

Challenging College Alcohol Abuse (CCAA) is a social norms and environmental management program aimed at reducing high-risk drinking and related negative consequences among college students (18 to 24 years old). It is a successful evidence-based program. 


Focus on Consequences - Adolescent Program

Our adolescent program provides a brief educational intervention for those 14 – 21 years old using motivational interviewing and through follow ups for continued client support.


Focus on consequences - adult program

Our adult program serves people age 21 or older. For many, a brief intervention can initiate a process of self-reflection conducive to behavioral change.


Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a national model and is the first research-based parenting program specifically designed for parents (with children ages six to 14 years old) working to overcome substance abuse.


Programs for Parents

Parent Programs are developed to give parents the tools and the knowledge to enable positive influence on their children’s behavior and their perception of the risk factors involved with tobacco, alcohol, or other drug use.


Public Education and Advocacy

The Prevention Council provides public education programs and presentations geared towards the classroom, non-profit agencies and the workplace. The Council also advocates safe legislation for youth and communities.


Social Skills Programs

The social skills programs are designed for students in elementary though high schools and offer primary prevention curricula for the development of social and life skills.


Student Assistance Prevention Programs

The Student Assistance Prevention Counseling (SAPC) Program is a licensed prevention counseling program by the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Service


Positive Parenting Program - Triple P

The Triple P is an initiative of the Parenting and Family Support Center. The goal of the program is to give parents the skills necessary to raise healthy children.

Beyond the books

Our programs go beyond boring lectures, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in learning about dependency, addiction and ultimately, yourself. We also offer support and guidance to help you on every step of your journey.