About the Program

The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is the first research-based parenting program specifically designed for substance-abusing parents with children ages six to 14 years old. Targeting families at high risk, the Strengthening Families Program provides a direct service by presenting a skill-building curriculum for both parents and children.

Staff/Contact Information

Karen Oliver

1625 Hertel Ave.
Buffalo, N.Y. 14216
716.831.2298, ext. 116

97% of Strengthening Families Program children are enrolled, attended school and promoted to the next grade


The Strengthening Families Program Topics for Youth Include:

      • Group Rules
      • Conversation Skills
      • Social Skills, Giving and Accepting Rules
      • Creating Good Behavior, Secret Rules of Success
      • How to Say “no” to Trouble
      • Communicating – Speaking and Listening
      • Communicating – Discussing
      • Alcohol and Other Drugs, Substance Abuse
      • Problem Solving
      • Parent’s Game, Giving Directions
      • Coping Skills – Recognizing Feelings
      • Coping Skills – Dealing with Criticism
      • Coping Skills – Dealing with Anger
      • Finding Resources for Help

Program Goals

Program goals for SFP include:

  • improved parenting knowledge and skills
  • improved parent/child relationships
  • decreased depression in parents
  • reduced family conflict
  • increased family organization/cohesion
  • decreased depression and conduct problems among children
  • improved school success/grades
  • reduced parental abuse of alcohol/drugs
  • reduced use of alcohol/tobacco in children

Topics for Parents

The Strengthening Families Program Topics for Parents Include:

      • Building Resiliency in Youth – Listening for Feelings – Supporting Children’s Goals
      • Characteristics of pre-teens/teens and building a strong relationship
      • Using “I” statements with youth
      • Using consequences for misbehavior
      • Setting rules and monitoring behavior
      • Parents as teachers, involvement with school, protecting against drug and alcohol abuse, using parenting tools to solve problems