About Teen Intervene Community

With over 10 years of experience implementing Teen Intervene (TI) in the school setting, The Prevention Council now offers TI throughout the community. TI is an evidence-based program recognized both nationally (SAMHSA) and in New York State (NYS Registry of Effective Prevention Programs). TI was developed to bridge the gap between intervention and substance use treatment for adolescents aged 12-19. The program is also a preventative measure for youth experiencing negative consequences as a result of risky behaviors that could lead to substance use. The intervention is designed to be brief, cost effective, and developmentally appropriate for youth who are more likely to be receptive to self-guided changes.

96% of participating students strengthened protective factors by improving behavior and social skills


For Additional Info Contact: Jan Burns

Phone: 716.207.7315

Email: jburns@thepreventioncouncilec.org

Who Should Participate

Appropriate for youth who:

  • Display early signs of drug use problems at home, in school, at work, or in the community
  • Have a family history of addiction
  • Have been suspended or violated school substance/nicotine use policies
  • Are experiencing negative consequences due to substance use or other risky behaviors
  • Are exploring ways to change their behaviors and are inclined to self-motivation

    Who Can Refer

    • Parents/Guardians
    • Community Leaders/Partners
    • Case managers at behavioral health facilities
    • Substance abuse clinicians (when assessments indicate education rather than treatment)
    • Juvenile Justice workers, judges, court staff, and attorneys
    • Junior college/workforce development staff
    • Young adult Re-entry Programs
    • Physicians/health care providers