After earning my Masters degree from UB’s school of Social Work and working in the field, I decided to work in substance use prevention for a few years before my next endeavor. I began working at ECCPASA as a Student Assistance Prevention Counselor in various schools throughout Buffalo.  And I haven’t left yet!  The gift of caring co-workers in a healthy working environment a mission that is inclusive of all people has kept me here much longer than I anticipated. 

Now as the Executive Director, I have the honor of continuing to do what I have grown to love… helping people help others!  

My favorite memories of working in the community is seeing the students I worked with accomplish their goals, both short and long-term.  It warms my heart to hear from former students who will contact me and let me know how things are going with them. 

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, listening to music and traveling to warm and sunny destinations.


“Each day is a gift, be grateful and make the best of it!”