About the Program

Skills for Tomorrow is a comprehensive primary prevention curriculum for upper elementary and middle school students to assist with the development of social and life skills. Through role playing, stories and discussions, the program addresses the issues and pressures students face on a daily basis. It recognizes that decisions are the most difficult when they involve peers.

The program was first established 10 years ago with the help of program assessments completed by teachers, which indicated the need to include more socially relevant information in the curriculum. Over the past five years, research has proven that the most effective prevention programs include a Life Skills (social skills) component. The Skills For Tomorrow program has evolved into a network of more than 60 classrooms and 2,000 students.

Due to the pandemic and the need for remote learning, this program is now offered virtually. For more information, please contact Mark Fenz.

Staff/Contact Information

Mark Fenz
Prevention Educator
1625 Hertel Ave.
Buffalo, N.Y. 14216
716.831.2298 ext. 111


The Skills for Tomorrow program has evolved into a network of more than 60 classrooms and 2,000 students. Curriculum topics include:

          • anger management
          • bullying
          • conflict resolution
          • dealing with feelings
          • goals
          • negotiation
          • peer pressure and refusal skills
          • recognizing and managing stress
          • relationships
          • responsibility
          • self-esteem and stress managemen

    Program Goals

    Goals and objectives include:

    • Providing students with the information they need to make healthy decisions
    • Enhancing students’ social skills so they are able to deal with different issues effectively
    • Helping students identify the different support systems within their lives


      What Our Schools are Saying

      Year after year my students love when Mr. Fenz visits. Older students see him in the hall and get excited to say hello… They remember his stories with a smile.

      – Anonymous

      Mr. Fenz is very effective. He holds the students attention and they hang on his every word. The content is so needed today! When we are crunched for time he can touch on what we don’t have time to cover. Not all students get this at home so it is important they hear it from someone who can speak to them in a way they understand.

      – Anonymous

      Thank you for the joy and knowledge you give to our students. We love having you!

      – Anonymous

      I think that his presentation/stories are relatable & positive. The students really enjoy listening!

      – Anonymous