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The Prevention Council helps to keep public officials, educators, youth mentors and the citizens of Erie County informed of vital issues concerning the risks of alcohol and other drug use through such tools as our website; AwareNews newsletter; Did You Know? advisory bulletins, and regularly-scheduled events.

Presentations are available at a minimal cost for the classroom, non-profit agencies, school or university faculty, school groups and workplace organizations. Topics range from classroom management issues (bullying, self-control, dealing with anger, etc.); drugs in the workplace; media literacy; parenting; substance abuse and the elderly; underage drinking and more.

Staff/Contact Information

Vanita L. Jamison
Program Coordinator
1625 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY 14216
716.831.2298 ext. 105

95% of parents participate in Substance Abuse Parent Awareness Forums to prevent onset of use by youth

Free resources

Other valuable resources we provide FREE of charge include:

  • Video lending library for professionals and school personnel
  • Pamphlets on current substance abuse information
  • Referrals and linkages to other community resources
  • Updates on current public policy issues and trends


    What Our participants are Saying

    Instructors were very knowledgeable and professional in their presentation.


    The program was excellent and informative. Very interactive, pleasant and well done.


    Great instructors, tried to distribute and explain the informative as non-abrasive and as neutral as possible.


    This was a very valuable class. I learned a lot about myself.


    Great friendly program with a lot of helpful and useful information and facts. 100% KEEP IT UP!