Parent Awareness form Partnership

Parents and schools need to work together to decrease underage drinking and drug use. A growing number of school districts in Erie County have employed a bold new strategy to get parents the information they need about this problem. The strategy involves requiring parents to attend training sessions on alcohol/drugs before their children can attend school social events such as homecoming and senior prom.  

By requiring such training, districts are able to reach the vast majority of parents with the most current information, creating a large base of common, up-to-date knowledge.  Schools that have employed this strategy have given literally thousands of parents information they otherwise never would have received.

Staff/Contact Information

Vanita L. Jamison
Program Coordinator
1625 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY 14216
716.831.2298 ext. 105

Program Goals

The goals of Project Sticker Shock are as follows: 

      • To get the word out about the ramifications of providing alcohol to minors
      • To provide media education during critical times, such as prom/graduation time, and the holiday season, each year 
      • To educate the community about current laws in regards to illegal purchase and hosting of alcohol parties for underage youth
      • To partner with youth, adults and community members to strengthen the message that UNDERAGE DRINKING IS NOT a MINOR PROBLEM!