My name is Kathey Castillo and I am a social worker with experience as an advocate, organizer and networker. Areas of focus have included persons with disabilities, housing and neighborhoods, immigrants, and people going through hard times, including those who are homeless, mentally ill, or dealing with dependence on substances. For the last five years I’ve served on the board of The Prevention Council. I joined the board after helping get a law put into effect that required that cough medicine be made available for purchase by adults only. For the last twenty years I’ve served as the field education director at Christ the King Seminary.

I’ve been so privileged to work with organizations and churches throughout the region who provide learning opportunities to individuals preparing for a life of ministry. My favorite memory has been the seminary’s summer urban immersion during which students worship, celebrate and serve in parishes , plus see the joys of diversity and faith and commitment of people who make city life work.

My favorite place to be is Zoar Valley, near my hometown of Gowanda, NY. This community is so special to me because Buffalo and Erie County is a manageable size, and full of interesting and fun, down to earth people. My favorite restaurant is Faso’s on Niagara Street—great Italian! I consider my greatest accomplishment to be when Sally Yageric turned out to be right that a small group- even an individual, can make a difference, when legislation to limit access to DXM in cough medicine passed unanimously in the New York State Legislature.